About us

Tech Gup is a leading Bengali technology news and gadgets related website. We cover the latest news related to Telecom, Gadgets, Cars etc. If you want to stay up to date with what happens in the world of Technology, Hardware, smartphones, newest games and apps, updates and reviews, latest viral stories, then this site is what you need!

Tech Gup was launched on 21 July 2018 as a dedicated online Bengali tech news website, committed to providing the latest news on technology.

Meet our Members.

Julai Mondal

Passionate techie. Professional tech writer. A true cricket Fan.

Suman Patra

Tech Enthusiast. Lover of good TV series. Also practicing Digital Marketing


A person who is very knowledgeable or enthusiastic about technology and especially high technology

Puja Mondal

I'm magnetically attracted to everything that implies innovation... And Rock 'N Roll!

Anwesha Nandi

A person who enjoys creating, buying, testing, evaluating and learning about new technology.


Shuvro is very much passionate about quiz, writing and extremely enthusiastic to learn the modern scientific and technological discoveries in all over the world.

Suparna Mondal

From a generation which encountered the development from landlines to smartphones, from radios to Airpods. Writing is my passion. Photography is my hobby.

Soumojit Chatterjee

One of the newest members of the Techgup Family. Soumo grew his liking for gadgets almost a decade back while searching for his first smartphone, and started writing about tech recently in 2020.